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Welcome to ATECH             

Atech is a service oriented machinery business offering a wide range of electrical, electronic and hydraulic support solutions. The business is dedicated to providing a large range of skills and expertise to its clients with a prompt and efficient level of service.

Atech can manage all electrical/electronic/hydraulic installation, breakdown repairs and regular maintenance with your machinery.
Specialising in the Plastics Industry

Machinery Service
Injection moulding machinery
Blow moulding machinery
Pipe extrusion machinery
Blown film machinery
Rubber moulding machinery
Skin packing machinery
Packaging machinery
Robotic part removal systems
PLC software for Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradly, Omron
Hydraulic System fault finding Moog, Bosch/Rexroth
Material loading, drying & conveyor systems
Remote alarm & cycle time monitoring systems
Tooling, water tool temps & hot runner systems
In mould labelling systems
Omron smart vision systems

Atech takes great pride in it's proven track record on delivering reliable service. We have successfully delivered complete maintenance solutions to a wide range of businesses in the plastics industry.


Siemens Step 7